Editor’s Letter

F is for Florence and much more

Helen Farrell
October 2, 2014

This Florentine fall is set to be a culturally vibrant season, with a wealth of special events organized by The Florentine. On October 15, at 6:30pm, Dr. Victor Coonin, author of The Florentine Press’s From Marble to Flesh, will talk at Florence’s Museo di Antropologia about the sexuality of Michelangelo’s David (see page 25). On October 22, at 6:30pm, join TF’s culture editor, Dr. Jane Fortune, and Linda Falcone as they present The Florentine Press’s latest book, When the World Answered: Florence, Women Artists and the 1966 Flood at the historic Accademia delle Arti del Disegno (see page 20). Also, don’t miss out on Alexandra Lawrence’s fabulous Walks+Visits as we visit spots affected by the 1966 flood following the city’s famous wall markers as well as Florence’s newest museum, the Museo del Novecento (see page 9).


As a release from an overload of high culture, we offer extra fun and laughter with a video on how to spell out loud in Italian, at theflr.net/SpellingInItalian, sponsored by language school Centro di Cultura e Formazione di Firenze, in piazza Santo Spirito.


Next paper issue: November 6.

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