Armani museum plans

New museum to house collections and exhibitions

Oreste Giacche'
December 4, 2014

A new space dedicated to showcasing and appreciating design, art and fashion is being created in Milan. The project consists of a collaboration among public and private sectors, with the Palazzo Marino and design company Giorgio Armani working together for a common goal: to promote the cultural heritage of fashion and design.


Armani has invested 50 million euro in the reconstruction and expansion of the ex-Nestlé property on Milan’s via Bergognone, which stands alongside theatre, Teatro Armani. The project also involved the remodelling of two more properties on this street, which are destined to become the new central Armani office.


“Milan is the city I chose to live and work in," Giorgio Armani commented, "and it played the role of a stern and loyal teacher. I always believed that my work would have been different in another city, and that it most probably wouldn’t have been so strongly Italian, and at the same time international. For this reason I decided to display for my city the fruits of my labor, which include not only clothing, but also a sense of the material and experience. I thought this would be interesting for everyone, but particularly so for the younger generation that is moving in on the world of fashion and design. In this way they may find inspiration that will give life to the new ideas and businesses of the future.”


The new space will house the permanent collections of clothing, drawings and images created by the stylist. It will also host temporary art exhibitions that tie in with fashion, design and creativity, while maintaining a focus on new generations of stylists and designers.


There are also plans for the future that will involve spaces for research and studies of the history and techniques of fashion. These will include classrooms, a library and a conference hall, along with multiple areas designated for events and meetings that will offer services not only to the borough, but also the city. The collaboration of the municipality on the project will in turn provide benefits for residents, in particular to students of all ages, and visitors over 65.

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