Virtual Duomo

Welcome to the I_Dome

Oreste Giacche', Helen Farrell
December 4, 2014

For Expo 2015 you’ll find Florence’s finest under the Cathedral’s cupola.


We’re not referring to the original one designed by Renaissance genius Brunelleschi, but a hi-tech reproduction that will stand 8.5 metres tall and six metres wide.


Welcome to the I_Dome. The exterior will resemble Brunelleschi’s masterpiece, made from mirrored materials and using contemporary techniques, while the interior will display Florence’s knowledge via multimedia systems:


Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the images, sounds and atmosphere of life in the 16th century. Video mapping will be used to recreate the frescoes on the cupola, and 8 touchscreen monitors will be set up allowing guests to discover the city’s past and present.


From May 1 to October 31


I Dome will be installed in the city center, most likely in piazza Signoria, and will remain there from March 1 to October 31. After this it will go on an international tour for five years, finally making an appearance at the Expo in Dubai in 2020.


The dome is part of a larger PromoFirenze initiative being planned for the 2015 expo. In San Firenze the old court will be used to showcase innovative products in the Florentine gastronomic and artisanal sectors. ‘Orti e cenacoli’ is being organized at the Villa Bardini, and will consist of a gardening area designated for quality cultivation, the fruits of which will then be used by renowned chefs in order to prepare Tuscan feasts. The antique granary in Orsanmichele will be used to host a bread festival, while in the Oltrarno shops will be transformed into canteens for food and wine tastings. Tuscany is preparing itself for the Expo 2015 by attracting innovative ideas, tourists and businesses, all through an agenda of ‘buon vivere’.


Councillor’s remarks


In reference to the coordination of initiatives in light of the Expo, Regional councillor Gianni Salvadori spoke at a regional conference. ‘Tuscan lifestyle is distinctive and unique, and thus we have set ambitious goals for ourselves given the opportunity of the Expo, which has a theme ‘nourishing the planet’: as Tuscany we want to present ourselves as feeding intelligence, not only stomachs’.


An online catalogue will present the local businesses and their products for international partners. Toscana Promozione and Sharing Tuscany, will be offering tailored packages for tourists and for businesses. A web community will also be launched with the purpose of providing information on the ‘buon vivere’ topic.


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