Magnificent: Renaissance art in contemporary video

Video installation in the Palazzo Vecchio

Jason Martinez
April 30, 2015


The Palazzo Vecchio, the heart of Florentine history for almost 700 years, now hosts a modern iteration of classic art: Magnificent.


Magnificent: the incredible story of beauty that revolutionized the world” is a striking video and audio installation that highlights Florence’s most famous seminal paintings and sculptures. Playing every half hour, the 20-minute installation projects the works accompanied by audio, with maestro Andrea Bocelli lending his voice as Italian narrator to create an all-sound visual and auditory experience.


Felice Limosani, an artist well known for combining artistic metaphor with digital storytelling, devised the installation. He has previously created similar works for the Louvre in Paris and Palazzo Strozzi in Florence and recently devised video installations for the Hotel Savoy’s revamped restaurant Irene Firenze; Limosani is currently developing a video art project for Expo Milano 2015. Limosani embodies the spirit of the Renaissance through its original idea, the magnificence of man. Humanism, an idea that originated in Florence, departed from art focused on religion and found man at the center of artistic reflection.


The installation (in Italian and En

glish) runs until October 31.



Magnificent: the incredible story of beauty that revolutionized the world

Palazzo Vecchio, Sala D'Arme, piazza della Signoria, Florence

Monday to Sunday 9am – 7pm (last access at 6:30pm)

Thursday 9am – 2pm (last access at 1:30pm)

8 euro, 5 euro children, free with Firenze Card

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