A push for Il Palmerino

Six days left in crowdfunding campaign

Thomas Austen
May 28, 2015

Il Palmerino, the Renaissance villa turned cultural hub, has just under a week left in a fundraising campaign for its renovation. Launched on crowdfunding platform IndieGogo, the campaign has three principal objectives: creating a new multidisciplinary room to be used for conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and lectures; building a library that shelves English writer and former Palmerino resident Violet Paget’s works; and constructing a glass covering to shelter the loggia during the summer months. A new website designed to showcase Palmerino to a larger audience is also in the works.


Bringing together creative minds from near and far for artistic seminars and research opportunities, Il Palmerino is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The post-campaign plans are part of a continued attempt to honor the wishes of Beatrice Angeli, the villa’s late owner, who insisted that her house be used as a space dedicated to ‘cultural pursuits’ before her passing.


The Associazione Culturale Il Palmerino offers a variety of incentives for donating to the campaign. For a 20 euro contribution, participants will have their names listed in a dedicated page on Il Palmerino’s official website. 100 euro donors will receive the book Chaplin and Costa: Rediscovering Expat Women Painters in Tuscany, published by The Florentine Press. Donate to the campaign here

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