Florence Chamber of Commerce leads the way

Florence showcases digital knowledge worldwide

Courtney Runn
May 28, 2015

Next time you go shopping, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) hopes you’ll check for three words before making a purchase: made in Italy. The global organization gathered in Turin for the ninth World Chambers Congress from June 10 to 12.


At the congress, the ICC World Chambers Federation and Unioncamere selected the project presented by Florence’s chamber of commerce to showcase the initiative worldwide.


The project, Made in Italy - Eccellenze in Digitale, is partnering with Google Italia to encourage growth in the artisan sector. In the past year, 124 firms have been contacted in and around Florence to spread digital skills.


‘I’ve personally met artisans, small-scale industrialists and tradesmen involved in the project and I saw how satisfied they were with it,’ commented Leonardo Bassilichi, president of Florence’s chamber of commerce. ‘These companies have found the right way to be present on the world market, each with their own traits and needs...’


Some of these firms have also been included in the 150 digital showcases on the Google Cultural Institute about Italian excellence in food, wine and crafts.


This year, the city will continue to invest in local business to help fulfil the Made in Italy project. From July 2015 to March 2016, the ‘Excellence in Digital’ team will dedicate energy to exploring the territory to meet and advise new leading firms, investing in six new grants for people to work alongside two individuals with digital experience.

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