iPhoneography in the Oltrarno

Florence International Photography Awards launches two day exhibition

Courtney Runn
May 28, 2015

fipaThe Florence International Photography Awards (FIPA) brings a new type of art to the Oltrarno this summer: iPhoneography. On June 17 and 18, smart phone photographs will be on display in several venues, including Studio 108 (via dei Sapiti), 4 Leoni (piazza della Passera)  and Tethys Gallery (via dei Vellutini 17r). Themes in each section of the exhibition range from ‘Visionaries’ to ‘Visions of Tuscany.’




This multi-venue exhibition is the first global show of cell phone photography and will feature images from famous ‘iPhoneographers’ from around the world. The featured artists hail from Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Russia, the United States, Canada, and Italy.


The exhibition aims to encourage viewers to consider a new type of art and spark creativity in the ever-evolving ‘mobile art’ arena. In addition to viewing the work, visitors can take part in a host of related events around Santo Spirito and piazza della Passera. For the full program, visit www.studio108firenze.it.


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