Lapislazuli: blue magic

New exhibition at Palazzo Pitti’s Silver Museum

Rebecca Gualandi
May 28, 2015

Panel with view of the port of Livorno (1601-04) in the Uffizi. By Cristofano Gaffurri based on a drawing by Jacopo Ligozzi


The exhibition “Lapis Lazuli: The Magic of Blue” at Palazzo Pitti's Silver Museum retraces the use of lapis lazuli throughout history: from its use in Ancient Mesopotamia to its use as a pigment in Renaissance times.


The spectacular Medici collection of lapis lazuli objects includes vases, goblets and amphorae, as well as inlaid furniture and table counters.


The exhibition also focuses on the use of ultramarine in its original form during the Renaissance period and in its artificial form, such as International Klein Blue, in contemporary art.


Late 16th-century vase by Gian Stefano Caroni and Jacques Bylivelt, based on a drawing by Bernardo Buontalenti


Lapislazzuli - Magic del blu

Museo del Argento, Palazzo Pitti

June 9 - October 11

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