The chocolate wall

Venchi opens new store in via Calzaiuoli

Thomas Austen
May 28, 2015

Just three years after the nearly 150-year-old Piedmontese cioccolateria founded by Silvano Venchi opened a store in Via Calimaruzza, a stone's throw from the iconic "Porcellino" statue, Venchi has now opened its second Florentine store on major thoroughfare via Calzaiuoli.


Unlike Venchi by piazza del Mercato Nuovo, which is bedecked in mostly browns and whites, the via Calzaiuoli’s edition has a gilded tint to it, drawing in crowds for its aesthetic as much as its chocolate treats. Shelved, encased behind class, sprawled atop tables, kept behind a quasi-vault, even falling as a waterfall, chocolate fills and decorates almost every corner of the store.


Open from 10:30am to midnight, Venchi teems with the sweet toothed at most hours of the day. While some choose to stop, stare and take pictures as if admiring a museum, others, of course, stop by to satisfy their chocolate desires. The offerings range from chocolate mousse or truffles to the more unique Venchi specialties of Gianduja, Giandujotto and Nougatine that are rich in hazelnuts. Those craving a cool moment in central Florence can enjoy the artisanal gelato in a variety of refreshing flavours.

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