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The Tuscan Times launches with your view of Tuscany

Editorial Staff
June 25, 2015 - 10:00

graficaThe Tuscan Times, a supplement to The Florentine, will launch on July 16, 2015. It represents a special view of Tuscany – not that of the average tourist, but your insider way of looking at things. Leading up to the launch and continuing through the summer, we challenge you to look at Tuscany through your eyes and lens, and to share your best photos on our weekly Instagram themes.


Each Sunday we’ll launch the theme on our Instagram accounts @TheTuscanTimes and @TheFlorentine. To participate in this challenge, share your photo with the week’s hashtag, plus #TTTChallenge AND follow and tag @TheTuscanTimes.


EXAMPLE – to enter a photo into the first week’s challenge, write  “#TTTChallenge @thetuscantimes #BW” (along with a description or whatever you want to write about the photo).




June 21: #BW

Tuscany in Black and White? Why not!


June 28: #streetphotography

Most associated with urban centers, capture the best street photography in downtown Florence or sleepy Suvereto.


July 5: #patternseverywhere

Nature or not, there are patterns everywhere you look. Find them.


July 11: #lookingthrough

Much of photography is about framing. Whether it’s out a window, through a hole or through trees, what can you see when you “look through”?

 Our editorial staff will choose a favourite photo to share from @TheTuscanTimes and @TheFlorentine each Monday, and these will also be published online here on theflorentine.net.



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