Salvador Dalí and the Sommo Poeta

Courtney Runn
July 2, 2015 - 10:00

Medieval poetry gets a Surrealist makeover in #DalíMeetsDante, the newest exhibition at Palazzo Medici Riccardi.

The exhibition features a set of 100 illustrations by Salvador Dalí detailing Dante’s journey through inferno, purgatorio and paradiso as described in his Divine Comedy.


#DalíMeetsDante guides visitors through each phase of the poet's voyage, following the chronology of the Divine Comedy. Each section of illustrations is complemented by additional artworks, including busts of Dante and his muse Beatrice.

The exhibition closes with a collection of statues and a detailing of the printing process involved in copying the illustrations.

Dalí’s peculiar style gives Dante's world a touch of the surreal. Dalí grew up in a spiritually divided home, with an atheist father and religious mother. This tension is reflected in his biblically themed statues and his depictions of Dante’s take on the afterlife. Memory, psychology and other major Dalí motifs are evident throughout the exhibition.

#DalíMeetsDanteUntil September 27Galleria delle Carrozze at Palazzo Medici RiccardiVia Cavour 5www.thedaliuniverse.com

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