Uffizi upgrades rooms 25-32

Ferragamo funds revamped space

Editorial Staff
September 14, 2015 - 11:00


Rooms 25 to 32 at Florence’s Uffizi Gallery now boast a new upgraded space to highlight some of the city’s most sublime works of art.


The rooms, which previously held 16th century Florentine, Veneto and Lombard paintings by illustrious artists like Michelangelo to Lotto, form a “small U” that begins and ends at the start of the Uffizi’s third corridor.


Now, the museum has upgraded the air treatment (with air conditioners and dehumidifiers) and security systems (with motion detectors, infrared detectors and video cameras) as well as revamping the flooring and installing a new lighting system.

ph. Polo Museale Fiorentino


As the colour green runs throughout the Uffizi from room 20, it remains the dominant hue in these halls too.


The new layout exhibits 43 works in total – 42 paintings and 1 sculpture. Paintings by Ghirlandaio and Baldovinetti take the limelight in room 25, while room 26 now comprises works previously unseen in the Uffizi’s permanent collection, mainly by Cosimo Rosselli. Perugino’s sublime paintings occupy room 27, Filippino Lippi in room 28, Lorenzo di Credi in room 29 and Luca Signorelli in room 31 and 32. Room 31 also boasts a dazzling view of the Duomo.


At the press conference, outgoing Uffizi director Antonio Natali commented, "With the reopening of these eight rooms... the circuit is once more complete, entering from the start of the west corridor, immediately after the door leading into the Vasari Corridor."


The upgrade was sponsored by major Florentine fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo with a 600,000 euro donation.


The rooms will open to the public on September 15.

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