Buy Tourism Online 2015 returns

140 events for the 8th edition of the tourism fair

Gabriella Ienzi
November 13, 2015 - 15:30

The BTO 2015 (Buy Tourism Online) will be hosting its 8th consecutive edition at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence on December 2 and 3.


This year's edition will see more than 140 events unfold in the VISIONI Hall, including keynote speeches, debates, interviews and research, and will feature as contributors international experts and representatives in leading firms within the travel industry. Walter Lo Faro from Expedia, Andrea D'Amico from, Tomaso Rodriguez from Uber and Matteo Stifanelli from Airbnb are just some of this year's keynote speakers.


This year's theme will be SYNCHRONICITY, "7 themes - like the 7 notes of a scale - for the most musical edition ever". The seven themes will be Travel & Innovation, Distribution of the Tourist Product, Social Media, Mobile, Stories and Attractors of Tourist Destinations, Culture, and Economic Value. Visitors are encouraged to create their own itinerary by choosing what they find most interesting from among the 140 events, in a sort of à la carte menu. Assistance will be provided in the form of route-finders, a My Agenda app and information posts placed around the venue.


Prices begin at 240 euro + Italian VAT, with student discounts as low as 90 euro. All events will offer English to Italian translations and vice versa.


For more information or a look at the schedule, visit their website at

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