Florence tram extends operating hours

New announcement by GEST

Editorial Staff
February 3, 2016 - 22:00

For those who use the tram, a weekend night out in Florence can now extend well into the early hours.



Florence tram | Photo: Stephen Rees Florence tram | Photo: Stephen Rees


A recent announcement by GEST, which manages the city’s tramline, stated that on Friday and Saturday, the service will be extended by two hours, with the last tram leaving Santa Maria Novella at 2am and Villa Costanza at 1.34am. As usual, the trams run every 14 minutes.


In a statement issued on GEST’s website, CEO Jean Luc Laugaa said, ‘Many people had asked for extended night hours of the service, especially at the weekend ... The tram is a safe and practical alternative to get round at night the numerous events and entertainment that the city has to offer.’


During a trial of the extended service from April to September 2015, approximately 20,000 people took advantage of the longer hours. 

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