Mayor says no to McDonalds in piazza Duomo

Citywide row about potential fast food outlet

Editorial Staff
June 25, 2016 - 18:45

News recently broke about the potential opening of a McDonald’s in piazza del Duomo, in the building currently occupied by Universo Sport.


McDonald’s Italia presented plans to the city council for a new-style restaurant with table service. The application was made possible due to a loophole in recently introduced UNESCO regulations in Florence to cut down on new businesses that sell a minimum of Italian foodstuffs, a move introduced to reduce minimarkets selling alcohol after hours. The new legislation includes a clause whereby companies wishing to open new stores can request a waiver, which is evaluated by a commission comprising city councillors, the chamber of commerce and UNESCO representatives.


In reaction to the news, a group of Florentines launched a petition on Facebook, “NO al mcdonald’s in piazza duomo”, against the opening of the fast food outlet by the cathedral. The group garnered the support of more than 15,000 likes in less than a week. On Sunday, June  26, a protest rally will take place at 4pm in piazza del Duomo.


The profile photo on the NO al mcdonald's in piazza Duomo Facebook group. The profile photo on the NO al mcdonald's in piazza Duomo Facebook group.


In response, in local newspaper Corriere Fiorentino, Florence mayor Dario Nardella declared that he is adamantly against the opening. “We are ready to fight this battle, even in court. Because we will not authorize McDonald’s in piazza Duomo, not now, not ever.”


A decision cannot be expected before the autumn when the Italian government will approve nationwide legislation following Florence’s lead. If the government passes economic decision-making powers to mayors, the McDonald’s in piazza Duomo is unlikely to happen given the mayor’s current standpoint.

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Richard Bermingham

16 days and 3 hours and 23 minutes ago
I think it's fairly obvious that a McDonald's bar in Piazza del Duomo is a ridiculous idea. The elegant historic atmosphere of this magnificent city has to be protected. The mayor of Florence is against the idea ... but who would disagree with him?