TF editor-in-chief featured in Belgian magazine

Knack Weekend spotlights local hangouts and people

Editorial Staff
August 11, 2016 - 17:53

For a Flemish take on Florence, look no further than the August 10 print edition of Knack Weekend, a supplement to Belgian weekly news magazine KnackThe Florentine's editor-in-chief Helen Farrell is featured in a colorful 6-page special on the city's "new Renaissance", written by Elke Lahousse and photographed by Lieven Bulckens. Jewelry designer Sara Amrhein, a co-founder of Creative People in Florence, and chef Simone Cipriani, a frequent contributor to The Florentine, are among the other residents pictured or quoted in the piece.

Helen was photographed inside Bar Galli (via dei Banchi 14r), The Florentine staff's "local" bar and lunch spot, a stone's throw from Santa Maria Novella and the TF offices. She describes watching the city evolve over her 15-plus years of working in Florence, adding that she "sees so much here to be excited about." 

After Lahousse picked the brains of locals like Helen and did some exploring of her own, she drew up a varied list of classic and contemporary destinations for a weekend in Florence. Restaurants like Essenziale (Cipriani's) and La Casalinga made the list, along with design-oriented shops and bars like Boutique Nadine and Amblé. 

Subscribers to Knack can access the article (in Dutch) here. Check out a preview below!

TF editor Helen Farrell featured in the newest edition of Knack Weekend, a supplement to Knack magazine. TF editor-in-chief Helen Farrell featured in the newest edition of Knack Weekend


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