Internet Festival returns to Pisa

Major digital event takes place, October 6 to 9

Carolina Bax
September 13, 2016 - 16:19

Pisa is gearing up to host the annual Internet Festival—–and this year’s theme is “back to the future”.




From October 6 to 9, 2016, over 200 events, in different places all across town, promise to be a full four days of debating, meetings, workshops and labs, all looking to the future with a nod to the past. The festival examines the take off of technology in the 1980s, as well as focusing on current issues like cybersecurity and the migrant crisis through storytelling, music and online competitions. “Digital fabrics” will be the festival’s main emphasis, connecting various objects as they become symbolic of technological development.




In a press release, organizers explained that, “The internet as an actual web and, as a data connector, is this year’s most important topic.” Keynote speakers will take to the stage in an “impossible conversation” with great scientists from the past led by three different women, who will be giving three scientists from the past their own voice. Those who are given a voice on stage are Grace Hopper, a pioneer of technological programming and coding, and Hedy Lamarr, Austrian inventor turned Hollywood star, and Ipazia, the ancient Greek mathematician. Plus, there will be events dedicated to gaming and start-ups as well as others with a more cultural take, focusing on digital media and the innovative measures museums are beginning to adopt. Even sport has its own event, named “Quando il gioco si fa duro…”, with a panel of researchers, journalists and wearable technology industry representatives: the event will focus on discussing innovative products in the sports field.




Standout events include the soul and jazz concert by Jacob Collier on Saturday 8, as well as hackathons, cinema evenings, and even food tasting.


All events are free.

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