New traffic system for the Cascine

Speed limit lowered, new circulation restrictions

Editorial Staff
January 3, 2017 - 15:10

The City of Florence has announced a plan to stop night circulation and to lower the speed limit in the Cascine park.


Throughout the green space the speed limit will be reduced to 30 kilometres per hour, the same restriction currently in place in Florence’s historic centre. Viale del Quercione, viale della Tinaia and piazzale Kennedy will all become pedestrianized zones.


To control the new extended restricted traffic zone, four electronic gates will be installed between piazzale Jefferson and viale degli Olmi, viale degli Olmi and via delle Cascine, piazzale delle Cascine and viale dell’Aeronautica, and at the junction between via del Barco, via dei Vespucci and via del Pegaso.


The times when the restricted traffic zone are in force will undergo changes, with traffic restrictions in place 24 hours a day every day, weekends and holidays included in the zone known as “Cascine 1” (from piazzale delle Cascine to the area beneath Viadotto dell’Indiano). Unauthorized traffic in the new “Cascine 2” sector (viale degli Olmi) will not be permitted to access the area between 9pm and 6am.


The plan aims to make the city’s largest green space more welcoming to pedestrians and cyclists.

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