Urs Fischer to exhibit in piazza Signoria

Swiss artist to design site-specific work

Kate Mani
January 25, 2017 - 15:46

First it was Jeff Koons’ metallic yellow statue and then it was Jan Fabre's bronze tortoise, now the Florence International Antiques Biennial has selected Swiss-born New York-based artist Urs Fischer to leave his artistic mark on piazza della Signoria, as reported in Corriere Fiorentino.


Fischer has been working behind the scenes of the Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Corsini, (where the Antiques Biennial will take place in September) and in New York to prepare for his September unveiling.


Securing one of the biggest names in contemporary art is an achievement for International Antiques Biennial secretary general Fabrizio Moretti, who collaborated with Florentine art critic Francesco Bonami and Milan gallery owner Massimo De Carlo to attain Fischer’s involvement.



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Urs Fischer, Untitled (The Rape of the Sabine Women), ph. mymodernmet.com


The selection continues Moretti and his team’s work in bridging the gap between old and modern art, which in 2015 saw the installation of Koons’ bright tribute to Renaissance sculptor Gian Bernini.


Fischer too is known for his Renaissance-inspired, eclectic art style, which brings together different materials. In a 2011 Venetian exhibit the artist created a melted wax version of the statue Rape of the Sabine Women. His presence in piazza della Signoria reflects Florence mayor Dario Nardella’s goal to increase contemporary art in the city, such as through Gaetano Pesce’s current installation in piazza Santa Maria Novella.


Regardless of the scrutiny that Fischer’s work will inevitably receive, his art is expected to provoke discussion as it has previously done across the world.


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