Getting to Galileo Galilei Airport has never been easier: the new Pisa Mover transport system launched in late March and connects Pisa Centrale train station with the Tuscan hub in just five minutes. The operation was carried out in partnership with Condotte, its subsidiary Inso and Leitner.

Running 365 days a year, departing every five minutes from 6am to midnight, and measuring a full kilometer and 760 meters, the Pisa Mover system has also facilitated the opening of a midway station called San Giusto Aurelia, which will hold a car park with approximately 1,330 spots. This station will also host the control center for Pisa Mover, where all commands, maintenance operations and management will take place.

The operation cost 71 million euro, 21 of which were financed by the European Union. Remaining costs were covered by private partners that will oversee the project for the next 36 years.

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