Farmers’ market and community event Il Pagliaio (The Haystack), held on the fourth Sunday of each month in Greve in Chianti’s piazza Matteotti, will usher in the new season on September 24. Per custom, an expanded edition with a Festa della Ceramica theme is set for the first autumn marketplace.

Booths will be set up from 9am to 7pm, and the day will feature children’s clay and crafting workshops, raku firing labs for adults, live music and artisan demonstrations, in addition to a lively market with seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh bread and baked goods, regional wines and oils, honeys and cheeses.

Previous September editions have featured roughly 20 ceramicists and potters, in addition to the 40 artisans, organic farmers and wine producers who are fixtures at the marketplace.

For additional information, see Il Pagliaio's Facebook page or email