Mobike and bike etiquette in Florence

Bike sharing focuses on cyclist behaviour

Editorial Staff
October 22, 2017 - 13:00

The arrival of bike sharing Mobike in Florence in July 2017 is being hailed as a transportation revolution for the city, but attention has now turned to road safety and etiquette as more cyclists are taking to the streets than ever before.


Complaints, and fines, are on the rise regarding cyclists who disregard the rules of the road, including riding the wrong way—a particular problem in a city full of one-way streets—using the footpaths and crossing the street via pedestrian crossings rather than dedicated bike crossings. For all intents and purposes, bicycles are considered vehicles and must therefore adhere to proper road etiquette and laws.




Councillor for urban safety and the municipal police Federico Gianassi explained to local newspaper La Nazione that when it comes to fining cyclists found breaking the rules, “Our intention is not to penalize, but to ensure the safety of those who choose to go by bike.”


The City of Florence has planned to add, by 2020, an additional 20 kilometres of bike paths to the existing 90 kilometres currently installed, but the question remains about how to encourage proper behaviour beyond persistent fines.


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