Repaving piazza della Repubblica

900,000 euro urban regeneration to begin

Editorial Staff
October 17, 2017 - 13:14

The City of Florence has given the green light to repave piazza della Repubblica and neighbouring via Pellicceria.




Having officially selected the company that will undertake the renovation project at a cost of 900,000 euro, all that is left is to determine the timeline for carrying out the work, with a post-Christmas start seeming the likeliest case scenario. The work will begin in via Pellicceria, where the footpath and the street will be repaved in their entirety over five months.


Since the stones recovered from this work in via Pellicceria will be recycled to renovate piazza della Repubblica, work cannot begin in the piazza until via Pellicceria’s repaving is completed. For this reason, the whole project is expected to last until at least the end of Summer 2018.


So as to not impact pedestrian traffic and the overall appearance of the piazza and its side street, the work will be completed in batches.


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