Urs Fischer statue collapses

Stone base probably to blame

Samantha Vaughn
October 17, 2017 - 13:21


Two Tuscan Men by Swiss artist Urs Fischer are at the center of an investigation following the collapse of one of the statues earlier this month.


The wax statues, installed near the entrance porch of the Palazzo Vecchio and accompanying Fischer’s other work, the massive Big Clay #4 in the centre of piazza della Signoria, were intended to melt down over the course of the exhibition, on until January 21, 2018.


Unfortunately, the likeness of the exhibition’s creator Fabrizio Moretti collapsed around 7.15pm on October 5.



Investigations are underway about what could have caused the collapse, which fortunately did not result in any injuries or further damages, though blame is being placed on the stone base, commissioned especially for the statue. It appears that in its construction, the changing weight of the melting statue was miscalculated, leaving the base vulnerable.


Moretti has filed a claim for damages against the makers of the stone base, but currently no further charges have been pressed by Mus.E, the exhibition’s organizer, the City of Florence or the artist.


Fischer’s other wax statue has been temporarily enclosed while tests are underway to determine the base’s stability and whether the work should remain in its current location. Big Clay #4 remains in the centre of piazza della Signoria.

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