Permanent stands in piazza Annigoni

Mercatino delle Pulci revamped with boxes

Editorial Staff
November 29, 2017 - 11:28

The antiques market in piazza Annigoni is set to receive new structured spaces for the stalls. The Palazzo Vecchio has approved the installation of 28 seventeen-square meter boxes to replace the tents, which are subject to the changing weather and often precarious. The new boxes will be given a 19th-century touch of style, with sleek metal and glass to match the historic lamps in the piazza.

Ph. Press Photo, Città di Firenze


The project is being followed by the Assessor of Economic Development Cecilia Del Re and was entrusted to Breschistudio by Alberto Breschi, with a cost of 600,000 euro, funded by the City Administration. Assessor Del Re remarked, “This is an important step for redeveloping the whole area. The intervention will allow for the creation of better looking and functional exposition structures for commercial activities and offer the piazza a new identity. The objective is to relaunch this historic part of the city, maintaining its market and devising spaces that are liveable, respectable and beautiful for all Florentines to enjoy.”


The boxes will be set up in two rows of 14. The interiors will have insulated panels, perfect for the winter months, with anodized or laminated aluminium finishing on the exterior, and will be given a lead gray colouring to blend with the lighting system in the piazza. Each box will also have two sliding doors that can be upturned to become an awning, offering a space for outdoor displays protected from the elements.

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