How The Florentine stands strong in 2018

Before, during and after snowfall

Helen Farrell
March 1, 2018 - 22:52

Were you one of the 150,000 people who avidly followed our snow coverage today? The truth is, a tiny team of editors chilled their fingers and slid along the lungarni out of a dedication for reporting and a passion for all things Florence, Italy. Even before I sipped my espresso, I was sourcing and posting a white Duomo for the pleasure of everybody who loves this city as much as I do.





243 issues ago, a Californian woman had an idea inspired by Florence. Weekly, then fortnightly, now monthly in print and online “when it happens”, I often wonder if Nita Tucker realizes she birthed not only her brainchild but a magazine cherished by Florence lovers all around the world.



These are tough times for media outlets. We keep reading how advertising is abysmal, subscriptions are down and Facebook has turned its back on publishers—to which The Florentine has been committed for five years to bring verve and velocity to our reporting. In an insightful article, the editor in chief of the Guardian Katharine Viner recently wrote, “A news organisation might often get things wrong – it needs some core values and principles to stick to in order to try to get it right.” Core values and principles are what The Florentine has been embracing since 2005, and they will continue to form front and centre of Florence’s English news magazine in this difficult truth-seeking era.



As a non-Italian news outlet in an Italian-speaking city, our editorial team is obliged to delve deeper beyond the surface of a press release, interrogating the information provided at a press conference and the news reported by the local media. We reach out to the source, wherever possible. In recent months, we have interviewed leading figures, from Mayor Dario Nardella to Accademia Gallery Director Cecilie Hollberg, recording their words and painstakingly translating them into English.





Every month we put passion into producing a print magazine for free, attractively designed, carefully balanced content and vaunting a comprehensive events calendar and much-read classifieds section. More and more people decide to subscribe to The Florentine as a way of staying in touch with Florence and—I trust—the coverage the magazine provides.



If you’re anything like me, you wake up in the morning and you open Instagram first. Which is why, in 2018, we have chosen to share news about Florence through imagery-driven delivery via our own production and a community-centric strategy, reposting our readers’ captures. Coffee in hand, you move to your most trusted news outlets, which is why we continue to report news comprehensively and quickly on as well as posting regularly on Facebook and Twitter.





The Florentine has always been about Florence’s international community and it always will be. In real life, on social media, in print and online. Check out our newly launched Announcements section.



So, grab your Duomo umbrella and stand sheltered and interacting with us until the digital (snow) storm passes, however long it takes.








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