Electronic ID cards only from September in Florence

Paper ID cards to be phased out

Editorial Staff
July 27, 2018 - 15:21

As of September 3, no more paper ID cards will be issued in Florence.


Facsimile of the electronic ID in Italy



The Tuscan capital, like other towns and cities in Italy, will only emanate electronic identity cards, known as carta d’identità elettronica or CIE, according to provisions implemented by the Ministry of the Interior.



The old paper identity card, which will remain valid until the stated expiry date



Citizens are requested to use the online reservation system where available and to arrive at the desk in advance of their appointment. The CIE will not be issued straightaway, but will be delivered to the address of your choosing within six working days of the application.

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a n

23 days and 3 hours and 8 minutes ago
emanate is not english for this context - it's "issue"- always important to double check with native usage but know it's difficult. not everyone is "excited"- excitement is not building for this change. why would it?! if this article is not meant as an editorial, it should include a range of reactions or none at all. it's a loss of tradition and the analog beauty of the paper id card to a plastic mass-produced (and also involving long delays whereas the paper was instant in the moment) version that for me personally represents a real loss in small beauty of something traditionally italian and unique.