Loitering law enforced around Florence

“Piazze vivibili” regulation now in force

Editorial Staff
July 30, 2018 - 16:49

The City of Florence has passed a municipal bill aimed at improving the safety of its streets and squares.


“Piazze vivibili” (livable squares) is the name of the ruling, which has provided the city police with the manpower required to enforce law and order in troublesome neighbourhoods. About 100 officers are conducting spot checks in the via Galliano gardens in Quartiere 1; the Parterre area, including piazza della Libertà, in Quartiere 2; via Reims (the part by the church, theatre and park), piazza Bartali and piazza Artusi in Quartiere 3; piazza Pier Vettori in Quartiere 4; and the public gardens between via Allori and via Baracca in Quartiere 5. Outlawed conduct includes large groups loitering, eating and drinking in the afore-stated areas.


The church steps of piazza Santo Spirito will be subject to checks with no groups, residents and tourists alike, allowed to loiter on the basilica’s steps between 10pm and 2am.


Conduct that does not usually constitute an offence, such as loitering while drinking alcoholic beverages, is deemed critical to public safety and the city’s liveability in these areas, hence the ban. Failure to comply with the new regulation will result in being charged and running the risk of a fine of up to 206 euro or three months imprisonment, in accordance with Article 650 of the criminal code.

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