United States citizens can get help with the process of absentee voting in the upcoming midterm elections at voter registration drives scheduled throughout September at The Paperback Exchange bookshop (via delle Oche 4r, near piazza Duomo).

Volunteers will be on hand to assist voters, who will need to have access to their Social Security or driver’s license number, their most recent address in the United States (even if from decades ago) and an Italy address where they receive mail.

The drives are nonpartisan and are organized by VotefromAbroad.org, a public service provided by Democrats Abroad.

Drives are currently scheduled for Monday, September 10 (3.30-6pm); Tuesday, September 11 (3.30-6pm); Wednesday, September 12 (10am-12.30pm and 3.30-6pm); Thursday, September 13 (3.30-6pm); Friday, September 15 (3.30-6pm) and Saturday, September 16 (3.30-6pm). 

More are forthcoming; email [email protected] to stay up to date or head here for a guide to getting started on your own.