Ginori Museum gets a boost

Artigianato e Palazzo donates to Sesto Fiorentino institution

Editorial Staff
October 8, 2018 - 11:10

Following the completion of a fundraising campaign launched in May and led by artisan showcase Artigianato e Palazzo, which recently held its 24th edition in the Corsini Gardens, the Richard Ginori Museum has received a sum of 50,000 euro to go toward a series of restorations and repairs in preparation for its eventual reopening.


Fragmented terracotta bas-relief, att. workshop of Giovan Battista Foggini

Purchased last year by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Sesto Fiorentino museum is an exhibition space of prestigious products from the Doccia porcelain manufactory (Manifattura di Doccia), a benchmark of Tuscan craft tradition founded in 1737. Restorations of wax, plaster and terracotta sculptures in the museum’s collection are top priority ahead of the space’s reopening; among the treasures in need of intervention are a fragmented terracotta bas-relief from the workshop of Giovan Battista Foggini; a wax work Love and Psyche by Massimiliano Saldani Benzi; and a Sacrifice of Isaac depiction attributed to Giuseppe Piamontini.

Director of the Richard Ginori Museum Stefano Casciu called the 50,000-euro sum “an excellent fundraising result” and cited his satisfaction with “the notable interest in the museum that the {Artigianato e Palazzo fundraiser} initiative has inspired in the public.” President of the Amici di Doccia association Livia Frescobaldi echoed Casciu’s appreciative sentiments for the public support shown to the museum and reiterated the goal of reopening its doors as soon as possible.


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