Intelligence of all types at Pisa’s Internet Festival

Top-tier tech event returns with new theme

Editorial Staff
October 2, 2018 - 10:20

The eighth edition of the Internet Festival, dedicated to digital innovation and key players in the field, will run in Pisa, long a hotbed of scientific innovation and computer culture, from October 11 to 14. This year’s theme is #intelligence, aiming to highlight it as a key component of innovation.

A past edition of Internet Festival

The festival will be held in 10 locations throughout the city, where speakers and attendees will discuss digital communities, their trends, critical points and opportunities. Some of the nearly 20 themes on tap for participants to explore include “1001 Intelligences,” dedicated to all the different kind of intelligences imaginable; “Dat-ocracy,” a look at the state and power of data; “GameBox,” focusing on intelligence in gaming; “I Hate Therefore I Am;” an analysis of the pervasive nature of spreading hate through the internet; and a brand-new theme for this year’s edition, “IF KIDS,” an area dedicated to the youngest visitors, where they can discover, explore and nurture their curiosity.

The event will once again include the popular T-Tours, educational and training itineraries that stimulate curiosity about digital innovation and other useful tools to orient oneself in the world of the Internet and technology, with options for every age group. The four-day festival will also offer shows, performances and sports, like pop-up books, jazz concerts and hackathons, along with hi-tech installations, including augmented reality and “intelligent mirrors”.

Noteworthy new projects this year include a China-Italy collaboration: 15 Chinese entrepreneurs will sit down with 15 Italian colleagues to brainstorm and prepare for the launch of a new Chinese innovation hub aided by Italian technologies, slated to open in the Shandong province. Per tradition, plenty of less tech-centric events round out the program, adding an arts and entertainment component: jazz musician Paolo Angeli will debut his new project inspired by the alt-rock group Radiohead (October 12, Teatro Verdi), while German electronic music veterans Tangerine Dream (of Risky Business notoriety) will also perform (October 13, Teatro Verdi).

Admission is free to all events. For the full program, visit

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