Florence Teen

The first tourism blog dedicated to students under 21

Editorial Staff
February 22, 2019 - 17:00

A tourism blog written for and by teenagers has officially been presented to the public. Florence Teen was designed by students at the technical high school ITT Marco Polo as part of their work experience program, a key element of the Italian curriculum. The blog offers readers ideas about where to sleep, eat and find entertainment and what to do in Florence based on three different budget categories, up to 30 euro, 31 to 60 euro and over 60 euro. Assisted by web communication and social media professionals, the students’ goal is to satisfy the curiosity, passions and needs of younger visitors in the city, a category not often considered.


“This is a wonderful and innovate work experience,” said Welfare Councillor Sara Funaro. “Florence Teen makes sense of a changing world and aims to raise awareness amongst students about a ‘positive’ and responsible use of the internet and social networks also in terms of socialization and potential professional development.”


Editorial staff at Florence Teen


The Florence Teen editorial staff includes eight students, who work alongside supervisors to develop their skills in the fields of journalism, photography, web marketing and video reporting. The team was supported by DataLifeLab, a research centre that taught the students about its method for distribution and promotion regarding peer messaging through Instagram in order to further their objective of influencing positivity online. “The method promotes the students’ abilities,” said Stefano Alemanno of the municipality’s Office of Innovative Projects, “and brings to light those who, amongst peers, have a greater inclination for using social media and creating an influential network, becoming a point of reference on social media for their friends and peers.


For more information about Florence Teen, read the blog here.

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