Palazzo Vecchio prepares to host Welcome Day 2019

500 North American students expected to attend

Editorial Staff
February 1, 2019 - 16:32

Palazzo Vecchio is preparing to host 500 students in the Salone dei Cinquecento for Welcome Day, a celebration of the close to 15,000 North American young people who annually enroll in Florence-based study abroad programs. Presiding over the February 5 event will be Dario Nardella (Mayor of Florence), Benjamin Wohlauer (Consul General of the United States in Florence), and Portia Prebys (President of the Association of American College and University Programs in Italy).


A past edition of Welcome Day

The event will begin at 5.30pm with the representatives’ remarks. Past study abroad students who have drawn from their time in Florence as they build their professional paths will then share their experiences before receiving prizes for their respective accomplishments.

An orchestra concert conducted by Roberto Fabbriciani with soloists Susanna Rigacci (soprano) and Cristiano Manzoni (pianoforte) will follow the speeches. The event will conclude with a tasting of traditional Tuscan delicacies held in collaboration with Eataly.

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