Calling all artists, writers and musicians: St. Mark’s Anglican Church Florence is re-launching Dignity Through the Arts, a community outreach project aimed at providing a platform for the voices of refugees.

After a successful run in 2016 with an exhibition hosted at the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo recognising and presenting the lives of the homeless through art, this time the project will engage with the refugee community in Florence and Siena through the written word, art and music. In a collaborative effort, writers will first produce poetry, prose or a short story which will then be reworked into art and/or put to music. According to Father William Lister, Chaplain of St. Mark’s, the project aims to “use the extraordinary gifts of so many creatives in this city to acknowledge the place of a large section of our community in Florence.” These ‘creatives’ will be a mix of refugees themselves and other writers, artists and musicians working together on this multi-artistic collection that will highlight the personal stories of refugees and build on the creative talent of all involved.

The exhibition will be held at St. Mark’s English Church after the feast day of Pentecost, June 9 (exhibition date TBA.) If you would like to join the project as a writer, artist or musician, or to present your own story, contact Fiona at St. Mark’s, [email protected]. For more information, see the Facebook page.