Next Issues of The Florentine

The following is a list of the next dates that The Florentine issues will come out.

Deadline to receive advertising material, classified ads and events: 10 days before publication date.



January issue TF230 / publication date January 13

February issue TF231 / pub. date February 2

March issue TF232 / pub. date March 2

April issue TF233 / pub. date March 30

May issue TF234 / pub. date May 5

June issue TF235 / pub. date June 1

July issue TF236 with The Tuscan Times supplement TTT05 / pub. date July 6

September issue TF237 / pub. date September 7

October issue TF238 / pub. date September 28

November issue TF239 / pub. date October 26

December issue TF240 with The Tuscan Times supplement TTT06 / pub. date November 30