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October 15, 2018
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High steaks: Regina Bistecca opens in Florence

“Questa è una Regina Bistecca!” poet-journalist-playwright and clear Chianina fan Gabriele D’Annunzio is said to have exclaimed. (The fuzzy translation “This is a queen among steaks!” makes less of an impact, no?) Forty meters from the Duomo, opposite Teatro Niccolini, in what was for 140 years home to the antique bookshop Gonnelli, two sprightly Florentine […]

Trapped by tape: obstacles to community service in Florence

Perspective on limitations placed on minors
October 12, 2018

Four classes of cyclists in Florence

When we imagine gliding through European cities on two wheels, Amsterdam and Berlin immediately spring to mind. Florence, with its narrow streets, one-way system and uneven paving, twisting the ankles of even the most sensibly shoe-d tourist, is not a city usually associated with cycling. There are, however, four types of cyclists who have mastered, […]
October 11, 2018

Tune-up: autumn music events in Florence

After months of open-air clubbing, al fresco concerts and aperitivi overlooking the Arno banks, we’re here to demystify the local music scene as our city takes its nightlife indoors. From underground to mainstream, October’s musical calendar is rife with opening parties, season launches, one-shot events and special guests. As temperatures drop and precipitations turn from […]

Your Thursday forecast: best events in Florence

EXPLORE/Open Week: Villa La Pietra October 15-20 Villa La Pietra, via Bolognese 120, Florence Open Week at Villa La Pietra is a rare chance to explore the grounds of NYU Florence’s sprawling campus, formerly the residence of British scholar and writer Sir Harold Acton and family. Free guided visits (with required reservations) will run throughout […]
October 9, 2018

Accessible Florence

Amid the cobbled streets and crowded museums of Florence, visitors and residents with disabilities can face unexpected challenges. But beauty and heritage are for everyone to enjoy: that’s why Destination Florence is a staunch advocate of accessible tourism, a sector that’s on the rise as public knowledge of this theme grows. On the frontlines in […]
October 8, 2018

#Together200: untold stories of Florence American cemetery

Posthumous recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals
October 5, 2018

Fall 2018 food events in Florence

Around here there’s a saying—or rather, a general consensus—that the shoulder seasons no longer exist. But the crisp autumn breezes timidly moving through the city as this issue goes to bed have TF staff’s collective fingers crossed for a full-blown fall, the kind that can birth literary one-liners like “I’m so glad I live in […]
October 4, 2018

Crackdown on Florence’s minimarkets

Convenience shops, foodstuff businesses affected

Best events in Florence in October 2018

AUDIO/Sonic Somatic October 5-7 Serre Torrigiani, via Gusciana 21, Florence After last year’s noteworthy Novoli-headquartered edition, sound-centered festival Sonic Somatic makes a comeback, this time touching down in Serre Torrigiani, the gasp-worthy greenhouse inside Florence’s definitive “secret garden” in via Gusciana. Exploring the interplay between space, body and sound, Sonic Somatic’s 2018 edition will spotlight […]