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December 1, 2005
The Tuscan TimesTRAVEL

An insider’s Tuscany

More than 7 million tourists pile into Florence each year, so it stands to reason that this small city suffers from serious overcrowding. Add severe traffic problems and the resulting levels of noise and pollution, and it’s not surprising that many visitors opt for accommodation that is situated

An Interview with Jacopo Mazzei

As a Marchese, Jacopo Mazzei is part of the Florentine aristocracy.  He is a member of a Florentine noble family, patrizi fiorentini, with roots in the arts and in the mercantile industries.  His ancestors, involved in business, politics, and civil services, are known for having been ministers to
November 17, 2005

Liquid gold: the wonders of ‘Olio Nuovo’

It’s olive harvest season. Time stops; nets and parachutes burst open like giant mushrooms in the November green olive orchards surrounding our city. This is where one of the world’s best quality extra virgin olive oil is produced.   Fairly out of place with every day&


If the Italian language is a locked door that you’re still struggling to open, then I’ve come to bring you the key. No matter how many subjunctive verbs your language teachers want to fill your brains with, all you really need to get by in this

‘Olio Nuovo’ is now being served

The first chills of November not only mark the arrival of winter but also signal olive harvest time in Tuscany and throughout Italy. Mid-month, “olio nuovo,” or new oil, already lines supermarkets shelves and graces restaurant tables. Olive oil lovers (which includes most everyone in Italy) are
November 3, 2005


As its title suggests, Robert Altman's masterpiece is set in the world of Country music, but with its cast of 24 characters and almost the same number of intertwined and intersecting stories, it delves deep into the conciousness and conscience of America circa 1975 in Altman's unmistakable mosiac

A review of JK Place

Unlike most people, I am usually filled with a sense of dread by the thought of a few days in Italy. Not because I have anything against its people or their magnificent country, but because in my profession a three-day trip to Italy usually equates to a huge amount

Married to the Italian

I need that special place, but... nothing in the centre (too many tourists); nothing on the other side of town (that’s not our neighbourhood); nothing out in the country (it’s too far for a weeknight); nothing affordable (not special enough for the occasion); nothing new (what


“It is the same spirit shared by every builder of civilisations: foresight, strong will, sharp mind, bold perseverance,” said Giovanni Fossi, president of the Firenze Est Rotary Club, “and we are proud to maintain our tradition of celebrating the discovery of America by awarding great personalities who have excelled in their fields with the Columbus […]
October 20, 2005
The Tuscan TimesTRAVEL

Back to the future

It is no secret that Italians are leaving bigger cities in search of a slower paced rural lifestyle. The current revival of small towns throughout Italy is allowing people to rediscover the beauty and  benefits of a more simple and traditional way of living. Tourism is also following the