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June 9, 2005

Cinque Terre

1. Monterosso 2. Vernazza 3. Corniglia 4. Manarola 5. Riomaggiore   There are those who will testify, cursing certain guidebook writers in the same breath, that not long ago Cinque Terre was a secluded haven known only to Italians and few other Europeans. The five villages, as the tale goes,
June 2, 2005

Complete the paperwork

There is so much in Italy to like: the beautiful buildings, historic ruins, amazing food and wine...the list is endless. There are however sometimes problematic downsides to this wonderful country. I hope the following will aid you in understanding the slow and sometimes complicated Italian system.   E111. This

A miracle! Fiorentina squeaks by

For those of you still wondering what all of the commotion was last Sunday afternoon – what with the purple flags and scarves and frantic people – well, the city’s beloved football team, the mighty Fiorentina, had finally won a match. Actually, it was one of the few
May 26, 2005

Open Cellars

“A road map of Tuscany in hand, the list of open wine cellars downloaded from in the glove compartment, and a desire for new eno-discoveries: the basics for starting off on the Open Cellars experience. And, given that the territory is so vast, I will offer some directions to the cantinas that are the most […]

Open Cellars to Donate Funds to Africa

The annual “Open Cellars” wine event attracts thousands of visitors each year and this year has decided to give a percentage of proceeds to the organisation “Wine for Life,” which will use the money for programs to fight AIDS in Africa. Calculations are that every 100
May 19, 2005

Summer Sagras

Summer in Florence means strolls along the Arno at sunset, gelato with friends, and dinners alfresco that go late into the night. But for those willing to venture beyond the city walls, summer also means a world of Tuscan tastes and traditions—at the sagra.   Sagra is the

The Giro d’Italia…not just another cycling race

Sunday, May 15th the colourful carovana (caravan of Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) made its cheerful entry into Florence, which hosted the arrival of the 9th tappa (stage) of the 88th edition of La Corsa Rosa (The Pink Race), as the Giro is affectionately nicknamed. The Giro d&
May 12, 2005

Support your local botteghe

“LA CUCINA TOSCANA” is world famous because of unique dishes and, above all, because of the care and love that goes into it’s preparation, searching for local ingredients, preparing meals for your friends and family and, of course, passing the time doing something you love.   Because the preparation of food is so vital to […]
May 5, 2005


Castellina is one of the three castle towns in the heart of Chianti. From its hilltop position, it dominates the area. The area is rich in barbaric, Roman, and Etruscan history. Deriving from the Latin fons Rutilus (“clean spring”), the small village of Fonterutoli is located on the

Festival del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Florence is a city with a rich musical past. During the mid-15th century, it was one of the most exciting places in the world to be living and working as a musician thanks to the work of a group of intellectuals known as the Florentine Camerata. They had begun