Mindful eating in Tuscany

Take part in a three-day wellness retreat embracing “FiloCiboSofia”

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May 12, 2017 - 18:24

If there's ever a place on the planet to combine food and philosophy, Tuscany's it.

Nutrition coach Sandrine Kom coined the concept of "FiloCiboSofia," an ultra-serene way of approaching food. Soon, she'll be bringing her winning way of thinking to the tiny Tuscan town of Baratti (Livorno) for a three-day retreat to be held May 26-28, 2017.

The three-part term breaks down like this: "filo," Greek for "love"; "cibo," Italian for "food;" and "sofia," Greek for "wisdom".  Love food with wisdom. Who could argue with that?

Sandrine's bottom line is all about stepping away from our hurried lifestyles, which tend to leave us feeling like we never have enough time. In her role as a nutrition coach, she regularly organises playful but thought-provoking dinner conferences, workshops and secondary school programs in Italy and France. Attendees at FiloCiboSofia events learn how to feel at ease during meals, allowing them to develop a personal and more relaxed approach to food. 

Using a light and accessible approach, Sandrine discusses topics related to our personal relationships with food, involving all participants in a conversation where eating habits are compared, analysed and ultimately used to draw conclusions that will help improve our daily experiences with food. 

Just to make your mouth water, here are a few "spoilers" for the upcoming weekend in Tuscany: there will be beach afternoons, Ayurvedic massage opportunities, homemade pescatarian and vegetarian dinners, optional spine-awakening exercises and much more, all held at a private estate along the ocean, facing the Gulf of Baratti and a short distance from all the top cities to see in Tuscany. Cost of the weekend is 500 euro with everything included.

For additional information, email [email protected]; to learn more about FiloCiboSofia, visit Sandrine's website, her Instagram account and her Facebook page "FiloCiboSofia Coaching nutrizionale." Buon appetito!


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