Road works cause traffic and chaos

Traffic comes to a standstill in Florence because of new road works projects

Editorial Staff
April 28, 2005

The partial closure of one of the main commuter bridges over the Arno River, Ponte all’Indiano, caused major traffic delays throughout the city last week. Simultaneous road construction works in other parts of the city hindered the creation of well functioning detour routes and commuters were forced to funnel into already crowded roads.


After two days of incredible traffic delays, the city government decided to halt various other major works that were to begin in May in order to avoid creating even more chaos. The mayor announced that he has now made traffic problems his top priority.


Fears are that this most recent traffic problem is a precursor to what will happen when full-fledged construction begins for the tramway that will soon pass through the centre of town.


The bridge’s reopening has also been anticipated from mid May to April 30th. The exit for Via Pistoiese and the exit for Viale Gori will be closed until then.

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