Once Flew Over the Cupola

Falcons to hatch in Duomo’s nest

Editorial Staff
April 19, 2007

Showing a distinct taste for fine architecture, two Florentine falcons have recently chosen an unusual home to nest and raise their young—at the top of Brunelleschi’s famed cupola. The bird-watching world has been waiting for the arrival of the baby falcons since the female laid four eggs on March 8. A webcam, funded by Florentine civic and artistic authorities, has been set up to capture the first memorable moments of one of the world’s swiftest creatures. The two peregrine falcons have been cleverly named after two heroes of Florentine history: the great painter Giotto and Monna Tessa, Italy’s first nurse and founder of a famous religious order. The peregrine falcon came close to extinction in Italy because of certain pesticides (that were finally banned in the 1970s). The Florence Falcons were first spotted in the Florentine skies in 1993. This much-awaited hatching is expected for mid-April. Bird lovers and other curious citizens can catch the excitement by accessing www.florence.tv, www.provincia.fi.it or www.birdcam.it.

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