To be or Not to be

The stereotypes we are, we feel, we see in Florence

Editorial Staff
March 6, 2008

A "Student Generated Event" by Florence International Theatre Company March 3 at 9pm.  Cinema Alfieri, via dell'Ulivo, 6. Free admission.


FITC continues its work with university aged youth with its Creative Campus programming.


This semester FITC is working with over 50 students - mostly from various US programs here but with a small and growing number of Italian students. Creative Campus believes that by building a structure where students manage, create and work on projects together, the opportunity exists for a deeper understanding and respect for the city in which they live or are visiting, of each other's lives as well as their own values in this world.


FITC intends to be a positive part of the night time ambient of centro by engaging those students who want to give positively to the city through their art, intelligence and passion.  This spring Creative Campus students are working on five projects including the upcoming "Student Generated Event" in which they offer an evening of artistic responses to a theme.  The theme will be "Stereotypes" and the title of the evening is: "To be or Not to be - the stereotypes we are, we feel, we see in Florence."


Music, Performance, Photography, Art and Hoola-hooping (by Miss Hoola Hoop NYC 2007 - current student at NYU) will be on fare.  Drinks and "Stereotypical" American desserts will be offered for small donation to Creative Campus.


For more information please write [email protected] or call 055 239 9949.


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