Angel Academy of Art 2009 annual exhibition

Via San Niccoll 88r Opening Thursday 14 May, 18.00 20.30

Editorial Staff
May 7, 2009

After almost a century of relative decline, overshadowed by Abstractionism and Conceptual art each time more or less "a la page", representational painting has returned to assume the pre-eminent role that it deserves on the international art scene.


In this context the Angel Academy of Art, both recognised and accredited by the "Regione Toscana", is considered on of the most important schools in Europe and North America.


The Angel Academy bases its formative and instructional excellence on the experience and painting research of its founder and director Michael John Angel, who studied under Pietro Annigoni during the 1960s, and is dedicated to the specialist teaching of representational painting at a professional level.


The main inspiration and intent of the School is the desire to combine theory and practice, conceptual observation and empirical capacity.


Situated in Florence, prestigious centre of Italian art, the Angel Academy teaches the methods and techniques passed down through the centuries from the Renaissance to the late 19th Century, using the various expressive forms of representational painting that have always inspired the mainstream of European art.


The exhibition this year is the 11th edition of the show with the works by students from beginners up to graduate level and faculty members of the Angel Academy of Art.



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