Technology trumps truancy

Project to monitor students in Rome

Editorial Staff
February 11, 2010

According to data collected by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, one in five Italian high school students regularly cuts class.


A high school in Rome will try to curb truancy and tardiness next academic year by using technology to monitor students.


Students will have to pass an electric tag through scanner machines as they enter the school building and within the building. After the student has passed the tag through the scanner, the ‘registration' information will upload directly onto a website that parents and teachers can check throughout the day. The website will also list other academic information, like class grades and bad behavior.


If students are late for class or not in class when they should be, the digital surveillance system will send a text message to their parents. ‘It will certainly help make keeping tabs on the students a lot easier,' said the school's principal Rosario Salone.

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