An artisan’s treasure

SUF students organize fashion show

Joanna Weinstein
March 25, 2010

To showcase a local leather artisan's creations, where two Syracuse University Florence (SUF) students are interning for the semester, the students organized a fashion show. Leather Accessories will be held on April 8 at the Villa Rosa in Piazza Savonarola. Another ten students will model a series of Enio Provaroni from Infinity Leather's original works.

The SUF student interns, Sarah Johnson and Olivia Kranich, spent almost two months preparing for the event. Johnson and Kranich organzied the fashion show to educate other students on the importance of the leather craft in Florentine culture.

The students also learned the difficulty of being an artisan today. 'Florence has become so industrialized and full of low-quality leather that we forget the workers who get their leather from the nearby countryside and work for hours just to make one original item,' said Johnson. 'We have to remember that leather is actually an art, not just a business.'

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