We choose Florence

1.5 million copies printed in five years

Editorial Staff
April 22, 2010

An expatriate is a person who leaves his or her native land and decides to live in another country. Florence today is home to a large Anglo-community, English-speakers who choose to live here, despite the many challenges that come with international living. Because living in Florence is a question of love.


For the last five years, The Florentine has helped foster a sense of community among expats by being their voice, their forum and their platform. Through The Florentine, expats, Italians and Florentines who live and love this city have made business and have made friends. Fostering relationships and creating connections among and between the city's English- and Italian-speaking communities has been one of paper's main aims since its beginning.


We, the staff of The Florentine, believe in the potential of Florence, in its world-class status and in its dazzling appeal. As we have done for the past five years, we want to continue to further the city's international image, announce its importance on the world stage and be ambassadors of this great city. Without you-our readers, writers, advertisers, subscribers and friends-by our side these past five years, could not have been possible.

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