Florentinisms: a dictionary of the florentine dialect

Alexandra Lawrence, Francesco Stefanelli
May 6, 2010


Babbalèo: Dense person.


Example: ‘Che babbalèo tù sei! Tù credi a ogni cosa!'

(‘What a dense one you are! You believe anything!')



Becchettarsi / Becchettassi : To fight or discuss heatedly.


Example: ‘O che la smettete di becchettavvi!!' (‘You guys quit fighting!')



Boccalone: A gossip; busybody.


Example: ‘O boccalone! Che stai zitto?' (‘Oh, you busybody! Won't you shut up?')



Furia: Hurry; haste. Also used as a nickname for someone who is always agitated and wants to get things done in a hurry.


Example: ‘Ovvia, e lè arrivato furia!' (‘Here we go, Mr.-Always-in-a Rush is here!')


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