Summer in the streets

Scores of events mark the start of the bella stagione

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June 17, 2010

Though the summer season officially begins on June 21, over the last weeks the city of Florence has been feeling the heat. What better way to cool off in the evenings than by having dinner al fresco, attending a concert or watching a live dance performance in a Florentine piazza near home? The city comes alive this season with a wealth of al fresco events.


Have World Cup fever? The 2010 FIFA World Championships in South Africa will surely draw residents outdoors in the evenings. Games will be on TVs in most bars and pizzerias, and several big screens have been set up throughout the city. Catch matches in the following places: Franchi Stadium (see ‘Fifa 2010 in Florence' in TF 124), piazza Dalmazia (next to Cafè de Paris); Largo Damiano Chiesa in Campo di Marte; the internal courtyard and square of the Polo Universitario di Novoli; piazza del Mercato Centrale in San Lorenzo; piazza Beccaria; piazza Bartali in Gavinana; La Loggia del Pesce in piazza dei Ciompi; Argingrosso Park; Las Palmas in piazza Ghiberti, piazza Poggi (in front of the San Niccolò); and the Easy Living riverside beach (under piazza Poggi).


Many Florence piazzas will ‘light up' this summer with a wide range of events. Until September 25, the Luci alla notte initiaive, part of the citywide Firenze Estate 2010 programme, bringsa host of free events, such as lectures, dance performances and concerts, to five of the city's major squares-piazza Dalmazia, largo Damiano Chiesa, the internal courtyard and square of the Polo Universitario di Novoli, piazza del Mercato Centrale and piazza Beccaria-from 7pm to midnight. As noted above, each square will screen FIFA matches as well as informational clips by the National Tumor Association and videos that promote, among other things, driving safety. All shows start between 9 and 9:30pm and are open to the public.


The Loggia del Pesce cultural association brings to piazza dei Ciompi musical events and film screenings until 10pm. The Aurora Association in Piazza Tasso has organized shows for children, adolescents and adults to encourage neighbors to socialize. The Nothing cultural association is offering dance and theatre performances, exhibitions and live music, day and night, in the Fortezza da Basso-Vasca dei Cigni Gardens. The Amici dell'Isolotto cultural association is offering day and evening events in the Argingrosso Park, complete with a bar, chairs and umbrellas and entertainment. Shows, music and film screenings will take place in Piazza Bartali, Gavinana. The Senza Confini association comes to piazza SS.Annunziata this summer with live music three evenings a week, film retrospectives, and a range of dance performances.


Don't miss the fourth edition of Nottarno on June 26, the all-night event in the Oltrarno, with open shops, churches and museums, street performances, painting exhibits, live music and small markets. The Giardino del Buon Vino in Piazza Demidoff will offer concerts, performances, recitals and tastings of local wine and food products. Wine is the focus at the Wine Ponte Vecchio stand at Palazzo Tempi, Piazza Santa Maria Soprarno, offering food and wine tastings from 11am to 12pm. Aperitifs and live music will be organized all summer, from 7pm onward, at the Le Murate complex, located between via dell' Agnolo and via Ghibellina on viale della Giovine Italia.


Lastly, the Il Centro, Io Lo Vivo initiative returns again this year, during which over two kilometers of city streets in the historic centre will be lined with tables for open-air eating. Until October 25, al fresco dinning is offered at more than 40 restaurants in 25 streets every Thursday through Saturday, from 7pm (or 8pm in some streets) to midnight. New this year, tables will adorn Piazza Santa Croce and via Martelli every night, all summer long, from 11pm on.


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