Is it a Good Idea to Move Abroad?

Lisa Becker
July 1, 2010

Leaving your home country and moving to a new land is one of the most exciting decisions you can make. Moving overseas is like experiencing a fresh start in life. You may be moving for business, marriage, or just for a long holiday. However, there are certain aspects of life abroad you need to consider before moving! Climate, budget, facilities, food, culture, rules and so many unavoidable aspects can help you decide whether or not moving abroad is a good idea.


1. Climate

Perhaps you are moving overseas for the sun and the warmer temperatures - but are you ready for it? Many times, we fall ill due to change in weather in our very own country. Hence you should know you health status well before you move. If you are someone who easily adjusts to change, then go ahead. There are also many younger people who have also been attracted by the vast array of different climates available around the world.


2. Budget

Are your pockets full or empty? Firstly, if you are moving make time to plan and set up a budget. Not planning financially could cost you more in the long run. Don't be shocked by sudden, unexpected costs. You may have to pay a huge amount for a furniture repair or car rental, for example. Therefore, set your budget first before making the big move. Know what the shift is going to cost so you're prepared and aware of your expenditures.


3. Culture

You'll have to come face-to-face with a whole new set of customs, and any new culture has to be gradually adopted so that you feel comfortable in the new country. Make new friends, share your experiences and get to know their interests. You may attend social parties or have great after-work hangouts with your colleagues. You will slowly take on the style of dress and eating habits practiced in the new place. It will take time, but practicing the new culture will make you comfortable and help you get settled soon.


4. Homesickness

Homesickness is an inevitable factor faced by many people who have move and can last well after you're completely settled. Also, you mostly feel lonely if you are unwell or if you can't reach to your home on special occasions. Maybe hearing a little bit from a family member can help you feel relaxed. These days, international calling costs very little! Plan ahead how you'll be contacting your family members so they can always be a (cheap!) phone call away.


5. Food

Whenever you are new to a country, try to find a restaurant that will satisfy your tastes and habits. Before you pounce on what just sounds best, get to know what suits you. Eat what is healthy and not just what looks delicious. Most large cities offer great ethnic cuisine no matter which country you're moving to, so your cravings will always be satisfied.


6. Medical facility

Before you move, find out the medical insurance schemes supplied in your overseas country and whether your current plan will cover you while you're abroad. Some companies will only insure you in your resident country, while others provide limited international coverage. Also, do your research regarding nearby hospitals and other medical facilities available to you.

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