Ten Rules

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November 18, 2010


Ten Rules

With the goal of encouraging good manners and civil behaviour by tourists, foreign students, long-term visitors and residents alike, the Consular Corps of Florence recently published a manifesto. Signed by the 58 honorary and official consulates in the city, the document is a reminder to all to do their part in keeping the city clean and beautiful.


‘All actors in the city, not just the local administration, are and should be responsible for maintaining Florence, a Unesco World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are too many people who criticize the local administration for not doing enough to clean the city. But these are not constructive criticisms because we are all responsible for the cleanliness and beauty of our city ... We put together this manifesto, a list of nine rules of behaviour, so that everyone can do their part to reduce blight, restore urban decorum and facilitate better civil coexistence,' explained doyen of the Consular Corps in Florence, Alessandro Berti. ‘The manifesto, in Italian and English, will be placed in bars and restaurants around town so both tourists and locals can be informed on how they should behave in the city,' he added.


The rules of behaviour are not new. In fact, the ‘do nots' on the list are all prohibited by law and carry heavy fines. Along with actions and their respective fines, the manifesto includes the following punishable acts: sitting or climbing public monuments, like the steps of the Duomo (160 euro), writing on public buildings and walls (160 euro), littering and throwing cigarette butts on the ground (160 euro), purchasing counterfeit goods from illegal vendors (1,000 euro), fastening ‘love locks' in public (100 euro), making noise that disturbs the public (160 euro), failing to leash and clean up after pets (160 euro), urinating in public spaces (100 euro), and playing bothersome or dangerous games in public spaces (160 euro).


1. No sitting or climbing on monuments

2. It is prohibited to write on public buildings

3. No littering, including cigarette butts

4. It is prohibited to buy counterfeit merchandise

5. It is prohibited to fasten  'Love Locks'

6. No loud noise at night

7. Leash and clean up after pets

8. No urinating in public spaces

9. No dangerous games in public



10. Read The Florentine


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