Cross-university student forum a success

Students and faculty meet to discuss current issues

Caitlin Healy
March 24, 2011

On March 9, Fairfield University Florence Program, in collaboration with the city of Florence, Project LINK,  the University of Florence, School of Political Science and the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, held the first annual Student Forum: Under TwentyFour: UNIFI Students Present in English on Italian Current Events.


Professor Lisa Friend of Fairfield University and Professor of International Relations and Chair of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Max Guderzo of the University of Florence, coordinated the event, which was held at Palazzo Giovane, Casa della Creatività. The forum provided an enjoyable opportunity that combined both learning and socializing for more than 60 American and Italian undergraduate university students.


Irene Campolmi, Sebastiano Mori, Leonardo Pierini and Claudia Liberatore, all students at the University of Florence and participating in Fairfield's Living and Learning Program, led a slide show and discussion, Italy: From a Country of Emigration to a Country of Immigration. Dr. Cristina Giachi, deputy mayor for University, Research, and Youth Policies and Professor Guderzo introduced the student speakers.


Dr. Franca Alacevich, dean of the School of Political Science at the University of Florence, gave a closing speech about the importance of Italian and international students studying and speaking together in order to learn more about each other. An animated question and answer session followed. The well-attended night concluded with food and refreshments provided by Fairfield University.




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